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The Best of Canadian Penny Stock Brokers

Before, we talk about Top 10 Canadian Penny Stocks, and the most of shock news about Bin Laden & to buy penny stocks. Today we will search what are the best group of Canadian penny stock brokers. Investing in penny stocks in Canada needs important helpers. One of these is broker but the question is what broker is the best? Here, we provide info about the best of Canadian penny stock brokers for you who are interested. Each of brokers are different in cost and service, you should explore and decide carefully.

The Best of Canadian Penny Stock Brokers

1. Questrade
An online Canadian broker. Their services are easy to use. Fast speed to access in account. If you open an account, it's no fee and not cost in others. They're one of member in the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Their security in online is safe. -

2. OptionsXpress
A stock broker with experience manage team and one of members of SIPC. They make you be convenient and control money with all products in one account. They created free education center to help you learn about online trader. Customer services can help you solve problems with knowledgeable staffs. They got many ranks in Barron's, Kiplinger's, Smart Money and etc. -

3. Interactive Brokers
A large Canadian stock brokerage. They conduct broker on many market destinations worldwide and charge low cost. IB have flowcharts to let you see how they work in Canadian and U.S. stocks. They have The Trader Workstation, IB WebTrader and The FxTrader demos to offer you try them. They got trading awards in many years. -

4. Scotia iTRADE
A division of SCI. They offer technology that easy to use and many products/services and all of these make your investing fast. Their solutions present low cost in many things and give special offers in products. With your tools, you can see financial news, reporting, research and etc. They secure your personal information and account with their technology such as SSL. -

5. Penntrade
This broker is a online trading U.S. company in Northern Idaho and one of member of FINRA and SIPC who let you trade Canadian and U.S. penny stocks in online. They offer cost at $29.95 in all trades, plus, they said every 10th trade is free. Their customer services to let you question problems with phone or email-

6. Rbcdirectinvesting
They offer investment tools to make sure you will invest with confidence. They have everything to let you research and buy. With research reports, you can check data about market, Canadian companies and etc. They created education center to let investors explore information and help you success your goals. With client support, you can talk to their representatives in many ways such as phone, e-mail, fax. and etc. -

P.S. All of information in this post might not be update, recommend you to search in their website for updated info.
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